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How To: Combat First Date Nerves

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

These Four Helpful Tips Will Help Minimize Those Feelings Before Your First Date. Deep Breath In And Become Ready For That Date!

1) Choose An Environment Where The Attention Is Not Only You Two.

I know the easiest choice for a first date is a dinner (or a movie.) But, what If I told you that dinner is NOT the best choice. Think about it. The two of you are forced to talk the whole time which is more prone to lead into those uncomfortable silences. Instead, I suggest going to a place where you both can still get to know each other while doing an activity together.

Some Ideas:

  • A Comedy Show

  • A Fun Class Together

  • An Amusement Park

  • Rent A Bike or Boat

2) Talk To Yourself With Compassion & Kindness.

I understand those nerves can get intense right before that date, but talking down on yourself isn't going to help you. Instead, try reminding yourself that what you are feeling is completely valid and normal.

Additional Tip:

  • Say Or Write Down The Phrase, "If this date goes well, that is amazing. And if it doesn't, that is okay too because it was a learning experience."

3) Create a Playlist.

Yes, I mean exactly that. Unlock your phone, open your Spotify or Apple Music app, and start creating an exciting or calming playlist to listen before your date. Music is known to have a huge impact on our mood. So try it out and get ready for that date! You Got This!

Be Mindful: Since music can influence our emotions, make sure to not include songs that will trigger anxiety or stress.

First Date Nerves
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