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Three Signs A Man Finds You Attractive - Body Language Edition :)

Ladies, I am about to drop three clear signs of how a man is attracted to you through the art of body language. Look out for these when meeting an attractive man.

1. He will give you a subtle touch.

When first meeting a man, go ahead and check if he is finding small excuses to touch you. Did he lightly touch your elbow when emphasizing an important part of his storytelling? Or maybe he doesn't feel comfortable so that's when you can welcome it first. For instance, when laughing at a sentence he said, you can give him a light touch on his arm. Then, see if he reciprocates the body language. If he does, he finds you attractive.

Disclaimer: Don't do this. This is anything but subtle.

2.His torso points towards you.

Men who are attracted to you will show their interest through their torso. Meaning, if he is highly engaged in a conversation, he will be facing you. Even if you are in a group setting, observe his chest and torso. If his body and toes are still aligned and facing your body, then he is attracted to you. Also, if you are in a group, men will sometimes block you from other people who are trying to get access to you. AKA, he wants you all to himself.

3. He will make sure he looks his best

This is called preening and it means they fix or enhance their outer look to impress you. Most people, in general, will do this without being fully aware, but hey we got to look and feel our best to the person we are trying to attract. One way is by fixing or touching the hair. He is going to make sure his hair is set in place the way he would like it to. Another clear sign is if he looks at his reflection if you are walking past a mirror or window. Did you catch him making sure he is satisfied with his look? It’s because he wants to look extra good for you, girl.

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